5 Apps That You Shouldn’t Miss this Week

As you step into this new week, do make sure to try these five amazing apps on your smart devices. From a digital workout friend to a social networking app that helps you make real-world connections, get your hands on all of them. In case, you are enveloped by boredom, there are also games in the list to elevate your entertainment quotient by several notches.


tekken 7 screenshot

One of the world’s favorite fighting genre games, Tekken is loaded with special characters with special power-ups and signature moves. The amazing arenas, action-packed cutscenes, and epic background score all combine to give a long lasting appeal and quite a high replay value to the game. The app contains ads and IAPs, but if you look past the same, Tekken is a game that will keep you on your toes.


Gyminize itunes app screenshot

A super powerful and useful workout app, Gyminize boasts of a slew of essential features. There are 60 pre-installed exercise moves in the app. Create your own workout plans by choosing some of these exercises. Apart from making an exercise plan, the app lets you track your workouts, click snaps, track measurement, etc. With other features of Gyminize, you can set target, customize the feed, view history, and can undertake much more. Though the app is free, some of its features are available at a monthly subscription of $3.

Temple of Spikes: The Legend

Temple of Spikes The Legend game screenshot

Temple of Spikes: The Legend is a hardcore platformer with more than 50 hours of gameplay. The game follows an amazing storyline as per which a young treasure hunter finds an old sanctuary hidden in the depths of a jungle. Though he unearths precious artefacts but getting out of the sanctuary becomes a challenge as it is teeming with traps, beasts, and other foes. There are 25 characters with special abilities, boss fights, multiplayer mode, 30 levels, and other features such as time rewind and slowdown. Dive into the gameplay of this adventurous game – Temple of Spike: The Legend.


Gebni itunes app screenshot

Though Gebni is not a new app, but it is quite helpful. It comes with a smart menu pricing technology which can be used to save on restaurant delivery and takeaways. Branding this app as the stock market of restaurant food delivery and takeaways won’t be untrue. It constantly updates the meal prices based on the demand. Thus, you always end up paying the best price and saving on your order. The app also lets you track all your savings.


IRL app itunes screenshot

Don’t have plans this weekend? Or want to undertake something new or adventurous on weekdays? Then go with IRL. Decide what you want to do and make others a part of the plan. Get recommendations based on your interest, chat with friends and discuss the plan, start a polling session and do much more with IRL social app.

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