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In the year 2017, Google had confirmed that Hangouts (Google’s communication platform) would be split into two applications, out of which one would focus on the opportunities that the market has to offer to the professionals. Now the announcement has taken shape and resulted into “Hangouts Chat.” It is a messaging client that competes with Slack and other messaging platforms designed for professionals and corporates.

Hangouts Chat is exclusively available for the G Suite users. It means one cannot use the app for personal instant messaging. Note that this company profiles-specific app is entirely different from Hangouts.

Channels. Chatbots. Collaboration.

Just like the application Slack, one can create department, task or project specific channels in Hangout Chats. There is a limit of 8000 users in these channels, and they are compatible with 28 languages. Hangout Chats also supports Chatbots. Currently, there are 25 chatbots which we can interact with. The developers are also free to create chatbots and integrate them into the platform.

The application also allows the sharing of files and Google Drive documents. You can request a file or send one with the help of this app. Thus, collaborate with your co-workers or partners to get the task done.

Hangouts app screenshot

Pricing of Hangouts Chat

Those looking forward to using the app have three pricing packages to choose from. These are Basic, Business, and Enterprise with their price being $5, $10, and $25 per month respectively. However, before you go with any of the packages, you can try the app for free. The app offers a free trial of 14 days. And as always, if you purchase any of the packages on a yearly basis, you get an offer or a discount. 

Google has launched many messaging applications. While some of them compete with the messaging apps of other tech organizations, some of them give a competition to each other. Let’s just wait and see how the reception of Hangouts Chat is. Whether it gives a tight competition to Slack or it just establishes itself as an alternative to other Google’s messaging apps, only time will tell.

There is a web version of Hangouts Chat and one can even access it in the form of an app developed for Android, MacOS, Windows, and iOS.

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