Borderlands 3: New Heroes, New Planets, and New Adventures Beyond Pandora

First, the fans of sci-fi games have heard about Borderlands 3 release during the Microsoft press conference on June 9. It is a sequel to Borderlands 2, which was launched in 2012. And a new version of the game is planned to be released on 13 September 2019. We highly recommend you to remember this date because this game is really worth to play. Borderlands 3 as Borderlands 2 is developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It is expected that users can play the game on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. Moreover, the developers plan to release the version for Google Stadia, but it is still unknown the exact release date. What to expect from the new Borderlands? Let’s figure out!

Looter Shooter Game

Borderlands 3 as all previous game’s releases combines two video game genres together. The first genre is a first-person shooter. Here the users play the games through the eyes of their character. The second category is role-playing games with an accent on the best weapons. It was something new in the video games market. And a number of other developers started to build the game combining the same genres. Tom Clancy's The Division, Anthem, and Destiny from Bungie were made in this style. People started to call such games “looter shooters”. 

New Vaults Beyond Pandora

Borderlands 3 shares the same story as its follow-ups: Borderlands 2 and  Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. All actions in the games take place in old legendary tombs Vaults. They are filled with not only treasures but also with different kinds of monsters. Previously, the planet Pandora was under the control of the Hyperion Corporation. But after its president’s death (Handsome Jack) and fell off the corporation, a new era of chaos began on the planet. 

Troy and Tyreen Calypso screen

In such a difficult time, two main characters Troy and Tyreen Calypso found other Vaults beyond Pandora and formed a violent cult. It is known as the “Children of the Vault”. The cult has only one aim: gain full ownership of the new tombs. Could you stop them? 

Meet a Team of New Characters

The game features a lot of characters from the previous titles in the series. For example, Lilith, who hires new ‘Vault Hunter’ character to stop the Calypso twins, first appears in the game in the first Borderlands game. However, along with this, new characters appear in the game:

  • Moze: it is a young boy who rides the mecha Iron Bear. It is a giant machine controlled by a man;

  • FL4K: a robot that can call different creatures for help during the battles;

  • Amara: she has the ability to summon ethereal fists;

  • Zane: an operative with a lot of different gadgets. 

Although, Borderlands 3 shares the core features and plot with previous games, there are some differences. For example, in other Borderlands’ games, each character has only one unique skill.  In Borderlands 3, you can unlock even three unique skills. One thing to remember, a player can use only one unique skill at a time excluding Zane. This character can be equipped with two skills. 

Fight With Enemies as One of Four New Vault Hunters

The players can choose the character they want to play. Each of them comes with unique abilities and playstyles, has tons of personalization options and deep skill trees. Let’s take a closer look at the last option. 

In the game, Amara is known as Siren. Some people can think that she repeats the image of Lilith and Maya, but it isn’t true. Amara exactly has her own unique playstyle. Siren’s skill tree has three branches, each of them begins with an action skill: Brawl, First of the Element, and Mystical Assault. As you progress in the game, you unlock new abilities including passive and skills. Note, Amara can equip only one action skill at a time. 

Borderlands 3 gameplay

Zane looks like a brutal man. Like Amara, he has three branches on the skill tree: Hitman, UnderCover, and Doubled Agent. In the first branch, the developers made an accent on the sentinel drone, UnderCover was built around a defensive barrier and the last one — around a hologram clone. Zane is a really unique character. Why? The reason is that he can equip two action skills. But in this case, you need to decide to sacrifice the ability to wield grenades or not. 

Another hero is ‘The Gunner’ or simply Moze. As Amara, she can equip only one action skill at a time. As she rides on the trank-like Iron Bear all branches revolve around it. Moze has three directions: Shield of Retribution, Demolition Woman, and Bottomless Mags. 

The fourth hero is FL4K or ‘Beatmaster’. This character has three skill trees: Stalker, Hunter, and Master. Interesting, that each of them has six tiers of skills. They are centered around his rude pets. Beatmaster can equip only one action skill. 

Take a Mission, Defeat Enemies and Grab the Rewards

If you have ever been played in any game from the Borderlands series, you may probably familiar with the core gameplay elements. It uses the linear structure. In Borderlands 3, the players have to take missions (may occur far beyond Pandora) and defeat the enemies. The winner grabs all loots from the fallen team. Sometimes, you will be granted with special chests. Here you can find anything but most often they are procedurally generated weapons. They can range by different perks including their level of damage, ammo capacity, or a range. ‘Procedurally generated’ means that the developers implemented special algorithms that automatically create the data. It couples with randomness and processing power. Among other randomly-generated items are shields, grenade and class modifiers. 

Borderlands 3 game screen

Borderlands 3 features more than one billion different guns. There are weapons with elemental effects such as fire, ice or electricity throwing, or with more complex perks. For example, possessing alternative firing behavior, among other visual differences. The fans of Borderlands 2 remember that the game has a separate category of weapons known as guns with ‘slag’ elemental. They cover the enemy and make him vulnerable for a short period of time. As a result, it becomes easy to kill the opponent using a simple attack from a different element. The logical question is does this opportunity was preserved in the new release? Yes and no. The slag weapons were replaced with a new ability — radiation. As a slag, it coats and makes the enemy vulnerable, but at the same time, the radiation can damage the opponents over time on its own and also spread to other characters. 

Cooperate with Friends

The game lets you cooperate with your friends to have even more fun together. There are two modes available to play: a single-player and multiplayer. In the last one, you can play with anyone in the online regime or split-screen cooperation. The choice depends on the mission and level of progress. The maximum persons that can play online via co-op are 4. Also, users can play offline.

The First Perception of Gamers and Steam Scandal

As we mentioned above, Borderlands 3 is one of the most awaited releases in the video game industry this autumn. Therefore, after the announcement of the release date in June, there was real hype around the game. However, not all the reviews were positive. 2K Games announced that the version for Windows will be exclusive to Epic Games Store, a storefront for Microsoft Windows and macOS video games, for six months. This arrangement faced a huge fan dissatisfaction and caused the start f review bombing on the Steam. Such actions forced Valve Corporation, the Steam’s operator, to use its new methods to combat review bombing. 

Borderlands 3 gameplay

Unfortunately, this would not be the only scandal associated with Borderlands 3. In August 2019, 2K Games, Borderlands’s publisher, and its parent company Take-Two Interactive sent private detectives to the house of famous YouTuber SupMatto. He was accused of letting the users access to free non-public gameplay videos. Of course, SupMatto denied any involvement. “I was very tense, as many of you could imagine, having two people in suits you don’t know show up at your home,” he said in a video on the issue. Although 2K Games considered these actions necessary to protect their corporate secrets, they became the reason for a new boycott of the game on Twitter.

Have You Heard a Familiar Voice? – It's Okay

Borderlands sequel uses the voices of famous actors for voicing the characters of the game. Moreover, they are trying not to change them in the new releases. For example, Ashly Burch, the American actress, will reprise the role of Tina Tina, and an American stand-up comic Chris Hardwick will voice Vaughn from Tales from the Borderlands. Tracy Lauren Marrow or Ice-T will continue to voice a character called Balex. 

Unfortunately, not all voices will be recast. For example, for Rhys and Claptrap, the developers have to find new voice actors. Previously, they were voiced by the actors Troy Baker and David Eddings. But then Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO, brawled on Twitter with them, and both men refused to cooperate with the company. They were replaced by Ray Chase as Rhys and Jim Foronda as Claptrap. 


Borderlands 3 is one of the most anticipated video games. The developers decided to keep the same plot, characters, and even weapons. But at the same time, they added new improvements and features. We highly recommend you to try the game if you like actions, first-person shooters, sci-fi or role-playing games. It has amazing graphics and high-quality audio. The release date is September 13, and it will be sold only on Epic Store until April 2020. The game features two modes: a single-player and multiplayer, as a result, you can play both offline and online.  Admit, are you already waiting for the start of sales? Have you played a game before? And what are your impressions? Share with us in the comments below!

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