Details on Android 10

Google Pixel phones already contain the Android 10 system. In the next few months, more and more smartphones will get the new Android 10. Numerous just made smartphones will be released with the preinstalled Android 10 system, and older phones can opt for updates. If you are excited about the next-gen Android, this article is for you.

Main Features of Android 10

We’ve gathered here the best and much-awaited services that will be available for Android 10 owners. Some of them are truly fascinating, others are a bit controversial. Yet everyone can find something special about the new system.

Dark Mode

There are several amazing services we truly appreciate. And one of them is a dark mode which has finally appeared on Android. For once, it helps our eyes to avoid stressful screen beaming and glimmering. Besides, it helps your family to tolerate your night reading. Don’t forget that dark mode actually prolongs the life of your battery.

Gesture Navigation

Gesture Navigation Android 10 picture

If you are tired of swiping on your screen, cheer up! You can use gestures in Android 10. You don’t actually have to touch the screen if you want to pull it backward and forward, up and down.

Extra Security

No one can actually give you 100 percent security. However, Android 10 has the best offer. You control the data you want to make private and the one you can share. No apps can receive access to your information without your agreement. You receive your security updates from Google Play once they are available.


You can attach captions to your video and audio. Even if there is no Internet, you still can use them. Android 10 allows you to add captions to the things your record.

Stay Focused

Focus mode Android 10 picture

There is a Focus mode in Android 10 that allows you to say concentrated on your work. It bans all the pop-ups and apps you don’t currently need for a short period of time. You can turn everything on whenever you feel you are ready.

Family Link

This is a great feature for parents. You can always stay aware of what your kids are watching or doing on their phones. You can limit access to the content and apps for your children. With the screen time limitation, you can make sure that they are off their phones. This feature also provides you information on your child’s location.

Amplify The Sound

The sound can be improved on your phone. You don’t need the most expensive headphones to enjoy your favorite songs or audiobooks. The background noise can be cut which improves sound quality.

Recommended Actions

Android 10 offers AI reply options for you. And that is not all. The new system has recommended smart actions. You may immediately get the address on the map of where the text message came from.

More Features

Apparently, there are more features in Android 10. And if you have checked all of them already, you can share your opinion about them in the comments below. Name your favorites or disappointments. We want to hear from you.

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