Get Ready for Pokémon Sword & Shield Releasing Soon on Nintendo Switch

It’s finally happening guys that we are being rewarded for our patience. Pokémon’s main game series – the “Gen 8” is coming to a proper console this November. This is great news as previous generations games like Game Boy or 3DS were released on Nintendo handheld but Sword and Shield is exclusively developed for the Nintendo Switch. As the release date draws even closer, more details about the game continue to arrive. Just like every game, Gen 8 has gimmicks, that's how they keep things interesting. For instance, the series has the widest variety of wild Pokémon as compared to the previous series.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Series:

pokemon sword and shield screen

New Pokémon Forms With Different Battle Elements

The Sword and Shield series follows Pokémon Let's Go: Pikachu and Let's Go: Eevee. The two series are a recreation of the famous Pokémon Yellow version- a role-playing video game released in 1998. These games were the most divisive Nintendo Switch releases at that time. They were fun and interesting to play, but different from the main Pokémon games. Instead of random confrontations, players had a direct encounter with a Pokémon. These games were pretty easy to play and presented almost no challenges to the PokeMasters. 

Just like the previous series, players will find monsters in caves or tall grass when roaming around. Instead of a direct fight, the encounters with the creatures will be random. Players will see an exclamation point icon on the screen as an indication that a Pokémon is nearby. They will also have the ability to fight with wild Pokémon. We are happy to have this battle element missing earlier from Pokémon Let's Go: Pikachu and Let's Go: Eevee.

The Sword and Shield’s trailer also confirms the rideable Pokémon that can be mounted and ridden will be missing. Instead, you will be able to ride a bike on water. We think the old surf HM will be replaced by a new model. As we highlighted, you will witness the widest variety of Pokémon ever in the Galar region. They will wander freely in the area and you will be able to attract them by whistling. The in-game weather and your location will determine what kind of Pokémon you will encounter. Depending on the weather conditions, you will witness different kinds of Pokémon appearing frequently. If it’s raining, you can see a water-type Pokémon or an ice-type Pokémon if it is snowing. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield characters

As a player, you can choose from eight characters – four boys and four girls with different looks. It appears you will be able to customize the appearance of your character with different outfits and accessories, but you will begin the game with these eight characters initially.

Introducing Galar and the New Stars

The previous Pokémon games used real-world countries as their regions. For instance, Alola (Pokemon Sun and Moon) was inspired by Hawaii, and Kalos (Pokemon X and Y) had a French vibe to it. After watching the trailer, it seems that Galar – the new region of the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield is based on the United Kingdom. If you flip the map of the UK vertically, it looks just like the initial map of Galar region. There are other interesting similarities between the two maps. The countryside, hill figures, and the architecture really give British vibes. We could easily spot a bridge that looked very similar to a real one located in Manchester, and the large clock building looking similar to St. Pancras in London. If we talk about the outfits, they look inspired by British fashion. 

Pokémon Sword and Shield landscape

Just like previous generations, Pokémon Sword and Shield has its unique Pokédex containing all available Pokémon in the Galar region. While it is not entirely clear how big this Pokédex will be, the trailer showcased some Pokémon with different abilities and types. A good example will be Scorbunny, a rabbit Pokémon with red-tipped ears and feet. He is always bursting with energy. He has got powerful legs to run, jump around, baffle and disorient his rivals. He has a second heart “fire sac” filled with viscous fire energy. He is capable of increasing his body temperature and heart rate by running around to awaken this energy. This energy can increase his physical abilities, and the soles of his feet become very hot. He can burn or damage his opponents with his fire energy.

Then there is Grookey, a mischievous green chimp Pokémon with orange limbs and snout. Grookey’s fur creates energy with the help of sunlight. He holds a stick which is originally from a forest where troops of Grookey reside. The stick has gained special powers after it was exposed to Grookey’s energy. Grass grows and wilted plants regain their color whenever Grookey beats his stick near them. 

Pokemons Scorbunny, Grookey and Sobble picture

Finally, we have Sobble, a stealthy water lizard Pokémon with a body that can transform its pattern and color with the surroundings whenever it touches the water. This little guy seems a bit timid and if it ever feels embarrassed or stressed, its body will excrete water and makes him disappear. But don’t consider him a weak one. In fact, his tears are as powerful. Their effect is so strong that If he weeps, he will make others cry too. Whenever Sobble feels threatened, he bawls. His tears spread around the surroundings and make everyone cry uncontrollably. Sobble uses this technique to distract the player and get a chance to escape.

There are many Pokémon and interesting characters to discover in the Galar region, like Zacian and Zamazenta. They are the exclusive and legendary wolves of Sword and Shield game; one is carrying a sword in its mouth and the other is half wolf and half shield. 

Pokemon Zacien and Zamazenta piture

There are some other ordinary ones like Wooloo – a sheep Pokémon who dislikes fighting, and some extraordinary ones like Corviknight of flight/steel type. He has been introduced in Gen 8 as a raven Pokémon. He possesses great flying skills, high intelligence and has the ability to double his size to transport the player from one town to another. Some other notable Pokémon is Duraludon which is also called Alloy Pokémon. He is a dragon with an incredibly durable metal body. You will also see Yamper or Puppy Pokémon with an organ that produces electricity.

Pokemons Wooloo Duraludon

The #BringBackNationalDex Controversy Surrounding the New Series

The debate started when Game Freak, the primary developer of the series, announced that the current installment will not incorporate the wider compendium Pokémon. This has enraged many fans. Previously players used to get a Pokédex containing information on all the Pokémon within a region. Players were awarded the National Pokédex after they beat the main game and they could use all Pokémon in the franchise’s history. However, the new series will not feature these upgrades and players can only use the Galar Pokédex. This means only those Pokémon will be included that the developers think are native to Sword and Shield. It is still unclear how many of the existing ones will be included along with the new ones.

As the controversy continues, a knockoff “Let’s Go Pokémon Mobile” is receiving attention. Even fans are now comparing the fan-made edition with the official one. As the new game hit the internet, commentators from both sides are arguing, but Game Freak has not made any official comment yet. 

New Mechanics Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing

The core RPG series introduces Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing. These two powerful abilities can transform your little Pokémon into gigantic Godzilla like pernicious creatures. It will gain extra strength to combat your opponent, but they don’t really trip off the tongue. 

While we still wait for further details, we do know that both have different strengths and weaknesses. Dynamaxing can supersize your Pokémon and gives them Max Moves for three turns. On the other hand, Gigantamaxing is limited to certain Pokémon. It changes the appearance of your creature and each Pokémon gets special G-Moves that appears to be unique to him only.

If we take Alcremie which is a fairy type cream Pokémon. Dynamaxing can change Alcremie into a very large cream Pokémon, but Gigantamaxing will transform it into a huge wedding cake.

Gym Leaders 

Just like the previous games, Sword and Shield have their own highest-ranking members and Gym leaders. Every town will have both gym leaders in sword or in shield.  For instance, you will combat against Gym leader Bea in Pokémon Sword or fight against Gym leader Allister in Pokémon Shield. Gelar has eight gym leader and players will enter the champion cup after fighting against them.

What's More

The latest Pokémon games are developed for a handheld so you can enjoy single-player or local multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch systems. The series maintains the tradition of naming the main character’s mentor after some plant, flower or tree. In this game, you will receive your Pokédex from Professor Magnolia.

The latest trailer briefly showed trains. As the game takes place in Galar region which is inspired by the United Kingdom, either these trains represent their principal territory, fast transportation or link to another region after the game.

We are so Excited, are You? 

We already know a lot about this upcoming series. Recently on July 8, Nintendo released a new trailer revealing four new Pokémon characters. Some information on the brand new Pokémon was also released unexpectedly which attracted quite a crowd. More details will be revealed by Game Freak before the release date, like the description of Pokémon characters, their transformations and how Gigantamaxing changes the Game. We also know that this series will not include all Pokémon characters from the previous generations. 

We are eager to know your opinion on the controversy or you have changed your mind. To get the new updates, stay tuned as the developers reveal more information about the Gen 8.

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