Minecraft Rolls Out the Nether Update

Not only is Minecraft great because it lets you transform the world: the game itself transforms constantly. The Nether Update that has just become available features the whole new world with its own biomes, landscapes, new creatures and new materials. Along with these additions, this Nether Update features new sounds and soundtracks. The music is up to the standards set by its famous OST.

The material it introduces is predictably named Netherite, and it’s even more durable than diamonds, thus suitable for making the strongest armor. It can be obtained from the new creatures the game features. Their names are Hoglins (the traders) and Piglins (something similar). What do they want instead? Trading with Hoglins is a special sort of fun.

Minecraft Nether Update game screenshot

Nether is also the place for a new adventure, named “Way of the Nether”. The new location gets accessible through a dimensional rift, and in search of the missing mayor of Poppy Isle, you’ll have to go there.

Finally, there are always bugs to fix. This time over 300 known bugs were fixed (and an unknown number of new ones added). In addition, the game has been optimized for the next gen consoles that are still on the way. Still, seeing Minecraft with the latest ray tracing technologies will be fun anyway.

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