Most Creative Countdown Apps for Christmas

Countdown apps usually become on-demand during the Christmas holidays. Some of us simply can’t wait to unwrap presents, while others need more time to wrap them, check the shopping list, cook and clean. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. These time trackers we mention in the article were made to not only fill our hearts with joy but to help us be in time with every plan we’ve made.

Do We Need Countdown Apps?

Countdown Christmas apps appeared a few years ago and quickly became popular. Their main feature is to show the time left until Christmas. Some of them count days, weeks, hours and seconds, other count months. There are apps that count breaths and heartbeats left until a big holiday. All of them are made in the Christmas atmosphere. And you may admire graphics or Christmas songs on your smartphone or desktop.

Top Christmas Trackers

It is not easy to pick a few out of numerous countdown apps. This year, developers revealed their best works. Each of them contains not only a tracker for Christmas, but Christmas spirit as well. We decided to gather here not only Android and iOS mobile apps but desktop apps, in case you need to check the time while you are still in the office. If you know more Christmas countdown apps for this list, bring it on in the comments.

Christmas Countdown from Jupli

Christmas Countdown from Jupli screenshots

Platforms: Android and iOS

This app counts day left until Christmas on one of eight amazing colorful backgrounds. These backgrounds vary by themes: reindeers, Santa, Christmas tree, Holly Family, snowman, and so on. They all are beautifully drawn and remind us of everything we love about Christmas, while the snow is falling on our screen. You can turn the music on and listen to the most popular Christmas songs.

While you can download the app any time, only in December, you are able to open the advent calendar with gifts and wishes, tips on how to make the holiday fun. There is an HD image with the Christmas theme inside as a present for you. You can download it and place it on your desktop screen.

Another benefit of the app, this countdown does not contain ads. The app is free of charge, but if you want to receive more options, you can buy Premium service. There are more backgrounds, songs, and a countdown widget.

Price: free of charge basic version; $1.99 premium.

Christmas Countdown by Jack McLean

Christmas Countdown by Jack McLean screenshots

Platforms: iOS

This is an entertaining app, in general. It contains cartoonish backgrounds with cute Santa, dancing Christmas tree, a snowman who is waving its stick hand, skiing man, and so on. It tracks days, minutes, seconds, heartbeats, and even sleeps left until Christmas. You don’t need to stop on one time-mode. Try them all.  Listen to Christmas songs collection while checking colorful backgrounds.

Still, you have to choose one of the main characters who will lead you through the Christmas preparations. It can be Santa himself, reindeer, Christmas tree, snowman, or skater. You can share your countdown with friends and family by sending them emails or sharing via the social network. The app is compatible with Instagram and Facebook.

Price: Free of charge.

Christmas Countdown Wallpapers Custom New Tab

Christmas Countdown Wallpapers Custom New Tab picture

Platforms: Browser tab

You can decorate your usual Chrome browser tab with the Christmas version. It offers countdown until Christmas, notes, wallpapers, unread count on Gmail, to-do list, and so on. The app takes just 37.42 MiB. You receive HD quality of wallpapers and can choose different FreeAddon tab options together with this one.

The app counts all the unread letters on Gmail. The countdown also shows the current time and date. This app is one of the most helpful for users who need to make shopping and to-do lists and to follow them. There is an advanced reminder that will alarm you if you have unfinished business. There are no ads in the app.

Price: Free of charge.

Christmas Countdown 3D scene

Christmas Countdown 3D scene screenshots

Platforms: iOS

Do you have a Christmas tree at home? Do you want to have a dancing Christmas tree on your iPhone? This app is more than a standard countdown. You see days, hours, minutes and seconds left until Christmas near the shimmering and dancing Christmas tree. There are fireworks in the app, colorful lights, and lots of great 3D effects.

Christmas songs and carols are two taps away from you. If you want to listen to music, just tap two times on the screen. You can make Christmas cards with the help of this app, just take a screenshot and send it to your friends. Check out amazing dark mode that has recently been updated.

Price: Free of charge.

Choosing The Christmas Countdown

When you choose which countdown to use, pay attention to the fact that all of them are free and that Christmas happens just once in a year. If you want to try all of them, nobody stops you. Download browser version on your desktop and a few others on your phone, tablet, iPod touch or iPad. You can actually have several countdowns and open them one by one. Now, name your favorite countdowns to us.

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