Ori And The Will of The Wisps: Find Your Difficulty Level

Ori And The Will of The Wisps is not some mundane, simple game. Behind its outstanding graphics and the well-made display is hidden one of the best representatives of the Metroidvania genre. It means that the game balances between combat and adventure, solid plot, and lovable characters. It also means that players might find the game harder than they thought. We recommend you to choose the difficulty level appropriate to your own preferences and skills.

Brief Info About Ori And The Will of The Wisps

The game was created by Moon Studios. It is the second part of the series. The first game is called Ori And The Blind Forest and was released back in 2015. Ori And The Will of The Wisps came out in March 2020. The game was made for Xbox One and PC. The main character is the magic guardian of the forest Ori. Your main task is to travel through unknown lands, explore them, and solve puzzles, avoiding or fighting back various monsters.

How To Choose The Level

Ori And The Will of The Wisps game screenshot

You have to choose the difficulty level the first thing in the game. It may be really confusing, as you do not have time to check out the gameplay yourself. Ori And The Will of The Wisps offers easy, normal, and hard levels. Players who have played Ori and the Blind Forest may be partially familiar with the demands of the game. They may choose normal or hard levels.

  • The Easy level was made for beginners, who joined the game world recently and do not have any experience with this game. It was also made for those players who want to try their powers before the “big game”. You can master your skills and check out the game on the Easy level.

  • The Normal level was made for newcomers who actually had some experience with other games on Xbox One or PC, and may be familiar with the Blind Forest. Developers created this level as basic. You may choose it if you are confident in your abilities to navigate controls, but still unaware of what can happen in the next second in the game.

  • Hard level is for true fans of Ori, who know the Blind Forest as well as their own name. If you are so familiar with the forest of Nibel that you may walk there with your eyes shut, it’s time for you to leave it. New adventures on a hard level would be a great challenge for you, but something you can still manage.

Players prefer to avoid the Easy level. They believe that it is boring and too simple. However, Ori And The Will of The Wisps game is not an ordinary game. You may want to pick an Easy level even if you are an experienced player. This game may be difficult to handle, despite being so attractive. We recommend you to choose the Hard level only when you are 100 percent sure of your abilities and want to face the challenge.

Is It Possible To Change The Level?

To pick the right level is extremely important if you are playing Ori And The Will of The Wisps. Why? Because you can’t change it. Once you decide which level you want to play, you can’t pick another one. This is why it is vital to pick the most suitable level for you.

However, if you are really upset with your skills and the game, you may delete everything you have achieved, and start from the beginning. The game will ask you about the level of difficulties. Pick the right one.

Have You Played Ori And The Will of The Wisps?

The game has been released only recently, but many of us have already checked it out. We want to hear from players who have already played it. How do you like Ori And The Will of The Wisps? Do you like the game? Try not to make spoilers. If you have played Ori and the Blind Forest, compare your new experience with the previous one. And if you did not like a new game, please explain why.

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