Red Dead Redemption 2 Updates

There have been numerous updates to the Red Dead Redemption 2 game, after it was released back in October 2018. Almost all these updates were revealed in a multiplayer mode called Red Dead Online. For now, the latest version is 1.15 made for PlayStation 4. It offers the new switch inside the one-player campaign story mode. It expends the possibilities of players in the five created states.

Why Do We Need Another Update In This Story?

The new-old story mode options bring bitter-sweet nostalgic feelings to every fan of the single-player campaign. You dive deeper into the storyline, exploring your character and the future that awaits you. After the story ended so unexpectedly last time, it did not let us go, let’s be honest. We still feel like there is more to explore there. The new updates to the mode include Treasure Maps, Gang Hideouts, Bounty Hunter, besides the final mission in the story that is called To the Ends of the Earth.

Details On New Missions

The new content was added in November, together with the PC version of the game. While it’s been some time ago, the new story mode is still yet to be open for players. Here are some tips on what to expect:

  • Bounty Hunter Mission offers bounties like Herman Zizendorf, an immigrant from Germany who steals construction equipment. Pick your bounty in Blackwater Police Department;
  • Bounty Hunter Mission offers bounties like Camille de Millemont, confederate fanatic, born in France. You may receive $55 for her in Scarlett Meadows Office;
  • Bounty Hunter Mission offers bounties like Bart Cavanaugh, Laramie Gang member. You can receive $60 for his head in Strawberry Sheriff’s Office.
  • You can also take a Del Lobos and Solomon’s Folly gangs in this mode;
  • To the Ends of the Earth mission starts from Chapter 2. It begins when a stranger finds Horseshoe Overlook camp and asks you to collect the herbs that he needs.

The new addition that developers created for PS4 owners offers players to go back and try Ansel Adams and Edward Curtis snapshots. There are incredible photos that can be made in the game. It is a great way to keep the memories of the game safe.

Tips On New Photo Mode

red dead redemption 2 photo mode

A new mode that allows you to take photos is not that hard to learn. You can use the Options button on the controller. This way you will pause the game. Now press the Touchpad button in the center of your PS4 controller. You will see the camera and its options on your screen. You can actually move the frame around the place or a character. Besides, there are 6 various lenses, from 16mm to 75mm. Adjust the blur, focus distance, exposure, contrast. You may add filters and multiple effects, like silver gelatin, daguerreotype, and tintype, so they would look like really old pictures.

More Items

The new update treats us with new missions, amazing photo making options, and lots of items we did not know we wanted. These items were available in the PC version. Now PS4 owners may check them out too. There are new great weapons for you: High Roller Revolver, LeMat Revolver, Evans Repeater, and M1899 Pistol. If you are more into trinkets, there are Crow Beak, Hawk Talon, Shark Tooth, Cat Eye, and Turtle Shell. The game offers you new breeds of horses: Perlino Andalusian, Few Spot Appaloosa, Warped Brindle Arabian, and Red Chestnut Arabian.

When Will We See This Update?

A new 1.15 update is already available for PS4 owners. It will arrive on your Xbox One on January 21. All you have to do is to wait for the upcoming features and enjoy them right after they arrive. You can follow the official page of developers to keep up with the latest news.

If you have already checked the new updates, leave your comments below. Share your thoughts about them. Which one of them do you like the most? Have you made pictures? Which one do you think is useless?

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