The Best And Worst Games for Couples

The 2020 Valentine’s Day has already gone, but we think that finding a game to play with your loved one remains actual. If you want to spend upcoming holidays or the weekend playing some games on your PC or console with your second half, you will find some of the best titles on our list. Besides, we decided to enlist those games that you should avoid in some cases. However, if your partnership is strong enough to come over difficulties, you can try those titles too. 

1. Portal 2: Co-Op – Legendary 1st-Person Puzzle

Portal 2: Co-Op game screenshot

Although this game is 10 years old, it has one of the best co-op modes amongst all the existing titles. Besides, it offers you to create custom maps and lets you control a couple of incredibly cute robots. The gameplay of this 1st person puzzle is challenging enough and will blow your mind from time to time. Still, it’s easy to drop in for all types of gamers due to intuitive controls. Working on custom levels in co-op is like painting together and feels very rewarding when you reach the wanted result. If you’re not into building levels, you still can complete the original campaign, which is full of challenging tasks and sparkling humor.

2. Unravel 2 – Inseparably Linked

Unravel 2 game screenshot

Unravel 2 is a unique 2,5D platformer title that requires you to collaborate on all stages of levels. You play 2 knitted characters who are linked with an inseparable thread. To pass a level, you have to invent ways to move forward without hindering your companion. The game is a good choice if both of you are patient enough to deal with one another’s clumsiness. Otherwise, it can really mess up the day. Nonetheless, it’s an immersive story with beautiful graphics and unique co-op puzzle mechanics. Do your best to keep up with the timings, and you’ll get a rewarding feeling of passing complicated levels together. 

3. Army of Two – Fantastic Retro Shooter

Army of Two game screenshot

Well, this one is 12 years old and requires a PS3, Xbox 360, or Xbox One (thanks to backward compatibility), and it’s really worth it. You’re offered to wear shoes of 2 private contractors who are hired to complete a parade of deadly missions. You have to help each other shoot hordes of enemies in a split-screen mode. The game features upgradable gear and weaponry, and a bunch of cool cosmetics. If both of you are into dynamic medium-core shooters, Army of Two is a perfect choice. 

4. Overcooked 2 – Relationship Destroyer 

Overcooked 2 game screenshot

You may consider Overcooked 2 to play with a loved one or a friend, but you should be ready that this game ca destroy your relationship! The game offers you to play the role of professional cooks who have to struggle through pain and fire to give away orders in time and avoid burning the restaurant to the ground. It features a wide range of exciting settings, including the Harry Potter dining room and funny colorful graphics with a top-down perspective. If you’re not afraid to shout at each other while playing, you should try Overcooked 2. Otherwise, don’t even look at it as it’s a really tough one.

5. Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes game screenshot

Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes is an office-favorite strategic bomb-defusal game that is great for literally all types of players. One player should take the computer and try to defuse the bomb. Your partner has to take a paper with defusing instructions and try to explain it to you without seeing the screen. The one who’s in charge has to trust the second person, which is a great relationship-building exercise. The paper instruction isn’t detailed enough to let the player be descriptive enough, while the actual bomb on the screen has numerous buttons, wires, and microchips. Reaching the goal provides the feeling of relief and joy of successful cooperation.

6. Divinity Original Sin 2 – Co-op Nightmare

Divinity Original Sin 2 game screenshot

Divinity Original Sin 2 is one of the best action RPGs of the decade, but if you’ll try to play it with your non-gaming partner, it’s a total disaster. Yes, this game has a co-op. But to start playing, you’ll have to explore him or her the lore, the turn-based system, and your particular strategy. The process will take so much time that you won’t have the wish to start playing. If your partner is patient enough and you finally start, try not to explode if he or she fails to comply with your plans. 

The plot heavily relies on decision-making, so it can be a nightmare for a non-gaming player who’s not really into complicated RPGs. We don’t recommend you to choose this co-op game for joint walkthrough if both of you are not RPG geeks who know everything about the lore. 

7. A Way Out – Realistic Prison Break

A Way Out game screenshot

This one is a split-screen action-adventure in which you have to cooperate to break out of prison. Most of the time, the game is an easy-core action-packed co-op, but when you reach the coda, things get extremely challenging. The last 20 minutes of A Way Out is one of the most relationship-straining experiences in video games ever. That’s why this title takes place in 2 categories at the same time. 

A Way Out has a concise cinematic-style storyline that takes around 4 hours, depending on the number of your failures. It tells about 2 friends who decide to break out of prison and succeed. However, freedom appears to be much more dangerous than sitting in a prison cell. The 2 men face a sequence of challenges that test the strength of their friendship. You will experience multiple quests that require well-coordinated actions of each player. It makes A Way Out a perfect game for couples. Still, it has an extremely tough ending that will test your partnership.

All You Need is Love

Even if you’ve already passed all the titles on our list, you can always try to play something that’s exciting for both of you, splitting one controller. Spending time together is more important than who holds the gamepad after all. What are your favorite games to play with your loved one? Tell us about them in the comments section below the article and share it with other couples who play games together.

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