The Best Console Versions of PC Games

In the olden days, all we heard were Console Wars- Nintendo vs. Sega vs. Sony. Nintendo shifted its focus on offering its own experiences, and the Console War became more Microsoft vs. Sony. But there is another challenger that has entered the fray. We know PC gaming has existed for many years, obviously, but it was not part of this battle. With the introduction of PS360 generation and Steam, PC started challenging the consoles. The exclusive console war has more or less ended, and now it’s all about PC vs Xbox One vs. PS4.

PC vs. Console gaming argument is a perennial battle that won’t conclude anytime soon. But if you are thinking of changing your gaming computer, a console may be the way to go. Consoles have helped the gaming getting in the mainstream as they are convenient and cheaper, but PC gamers favor the idea of customization and power. Previously, many games were developed for consoles and only afterwards for PC, but now console-exclusive games are widely available on PC. Truth be told, the transition from one gaming system to another has gotten smoother, and we see some great titles released on every gaming platform.

Enough Chatter

Companies take chances and port games to different consoles all the time. But we just want to discuss one side of the story — the PC games that are a fantastic fit for consoles. Here are ten console games that do brilliant justice to their PC Versions.


HALO WARS 2 poster

Halo Wars 2 is a little fish in a big pool because it was designed as a “Play Anywhere” title, which is why it is unfair to classify it on our list as a Console game. Rather than being taken as virtually standalone on consoles, HW2 is compared to PC RTS games. We can’t state that enough that it is a real-time strategy game where players control UNSC units to combat the new enemies, mainly designed for console play. Now keep wrecking your brain as there are tons of RTS games on PC, and this game should have been a PC exclusive. This genre works better on PC, but Creative Assembly and 343 industries designed it to be played comfortably on a console. We won’t comment that the console version is better than the PC, but it is easily a 9/10.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meir's Civilization VI gameplay

A console version of the PC game, Sid Meier's Civilization VI is one of the best strategy games making an unanticipated appearance on console, and we think it works a lot better this way. It is a massive turn-based strategy game where players will choose one from many civilizations, each representing a historical nation with its own perks: civilization ability, unique unit, and unique infrastructure. The publisher included all the features from the PC version to make it perfect for playing on Switch. We think Civilization VI is a perfect starter to PC-style gaming for Switch owners who have never experimented outside of console games.


Minecraft gameplay

Minecraft is an international phenomenon, one of the most popular and addictive games in the world. Which is why it is not a PC-exclusive game anymore and has been released on every console.

We are Minecraft addicts too, and we have a confession to make: we only play the console version because we can play it in a healthy way. In fact, the PC version is superior but it feels essentially unlimited. Minecraft’s PC version is a bigger world, with so much stuff to do, with greater options for multiplayer and mods like Galacticraft. But there are too many people not ready to go down the rabbit hole.


X-COM 2 gameplay

We admire the latest incarnation of the X-Com series and, honestly speaking, X-Com 2 may be better on consoles than PC. It is a turn-based tactics video game and a sequel to 2012's XCOM: Enemy Unknown that prides itself on being cruel yet fair. It will make you shout out “Oh Please” and “No” as you breathe in desperation to fulfill an objective. The game has a permanent death for soldiers no matter how much time and effort you spend in developing them. Even when things are not on your side, you rarely feel cheated. Initially released as a PC-exclusive game through Steam in February 2016, it was later released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the same year after becoming a well-received title in the genre. This brilliant game holds up damn well on console with deep and rewarding experience.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online gameplay

While Open-world MMOs are still rare on consoles, PlayStation 4 already had few great MMOs, like The Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV that slowly reformed that perception. Soon Pearl Abyss brought back Black Desert into the fold. Even on PC, Black Desert earned its spot as one of the most popular MMOs. It is a visually stunning game with the most intricate and downright gorgeous character creation. Players meticulously create their characters and go into a harrowing imaginary world in the middle of a battle between the two nations with conflicting values. This sprawling high fantasy MMO gives players a rich gameplay experience with the freedom to do almost anything on home consoles and follows a buy-to-play model.

Rocket League

Rocket League poster

Rocket League is one of those games where the execution of an easy yet absurd idea is so appealing and strong that you won’t need tons of additional features around it. It is simple to learn, goofy but challenging to master action-packed sports game that you’ll love to play with your gang, and after you finish a round, everybody will scream “one more match”. It was released initially on PC in 2015 and ported to consoles in 2016. The game offers an immersive and unique experience that will bring players back time and time again. The special formula making this game so good on consoles is its uniformity between the different versions offering the same fast-paced action and excitement to a whole new audience.

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 gameplay

This game is one of the best single-player shooters ever released on PC, and its developer Valve managed to squeeze every ounce of gameplay on the console in the orange box. The game was released on console three years later and may feel a little bit dated by today’s standards, but its intense action and immersive storytelling add more realism, which is enough to keep you engaged. In terms of content, the console version is exactly the same where players are out in the shoes of a research scientist, Gordan Freeman, who wants to rescue the alien-infested Earth. With its depleting resources and dwindling population, players will try to take back their planet with their trusty crowbars and other weapons. The best part: the game works pretty well on consoles too.

Starcraft 64

Starcraft 64 gameplay

Starcraft is one of the best RTS games and can be compared to Warcraft 3. Its developer Blizzards had already produced some great titles, like Lost Vikings, Blackthorne, Diablo, Rock n’ Roll Racing and then released Starcraft in 1998. Within two years, the game was considered the next big step in the genre and finally came to the Nintendo 64. Though it set the standard years ago, it is still enjoyable whether you are playing the original or Remastered version. In this excellent sci-fi strategy title, gamers will take control of one fraction, gather resources, develop their armies, and fight against their enemies. While the split-screen co-op gave Starcraft a distinct experience on console, the story is the same but with a reduced script and no voice dialogue as Nintendo 64 can’t handle it. However, we think this is a minor drawback, and the game is still better on the console than PC.

Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity poster

In 2015, Obsidian Entertainment released one of the best Computer Role Playing Game (cRPG) – Pillars of Eternity. The Kickstarter funded game soon became successful thanks to nostalgia and it’s truly memorable gaming experience. Creating this game for PC was apparently not enough, so the publisher Paradox decided to bring this cRPG to console, a challenging feat very few dare to try. The story is set in a fantasy realm where gamers are thrown into the nation of Drywood where inhabitants are "hollowborn" upon birth. Until one finally discovers that he is a watcher that can see past lives and interact with souls. The protagonist is set on an adventure to find out the solution of the hollowborn problem and what caused the awakening. The game runs pretty well on consoles without any major issues.

Diablo III

Diablo III gameplay

Its helluva perfect for Switch with one of the best handheld gaming experiences. This timeless game was made to play portably. With its release in 2012, it was a huge success, and the franchise was ready to port this action role-playing game on consoles in 2013. And as of 2018, It’s Diablo III on-the-go. The Switch version comes with everything, the Eternal Collection has all Diablo III content. We only have one thing to say: after hundreds of hours on each version, you still won’t get bored.

PC Games Perfect for Consoles

Looking at the different video games, we see that the ports were generally worse than the PC versions. Either some features are removed or they don’t play in the same manner. But the games on this list are delightfully portable, you just don’t know it yet. We are sure you will love playing these games on consoles as much as you enjoy them on PC.

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