The Best Gear for Nintendo Switch 2019

Nintendo Switch is the most innovative console among its counterparts. It is versatile so you can play conveniently at home or on the go. Switch is truly a hybrid solution that has transformed the way we enjoy games. Since its launch in March 2017, it has already got a killer line-up of excellent games, which makes it a major hit. Switch is not as powerful as PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X; while those were focused on 4K, Nintendo introduced innovative sense in the game design. This eye for innovation has paid off, and the company struck gold. Consider New Mario and Legend of Zelda — these are the must-own Switch titles. With the system being an absolute delight to use, Switch is on a roll. Its latest release "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" punched out more than thirteen million copies and received near-universal praise. 

So now you know why the Nintendo Switch is the best console to buy. If you already have it in your hands, you would need the best accessories to protect, enhance, and supplement your experience. 

The Best Accessories for Nintendo Switch

There are many accessories for this console, but you need to be selective as they are not created equal and may not do the job the way you want them. We have put together this guide for the best gear for you. Read on and check out our picks.

1. Carrying Case

Carrying Case for Nintendo switch

The best investment you can make for your console is a sturdy carrying case. It will protect your device when you plan to step outside your house, and serve as a perfect landing pad for the charging cable or headphones along with games holder. We recommend getting “RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case” or “Orzly Portable Travel Case” for your Switch.

RDS Industries Deluxe Travel Case

RDS Industries is considered one of the best-licensed Switch case manufacturers for Nintendo. It features a durable hard-shell exterior that will protect your device in case of accidental drops. The case is sturdy and very durable, it easily holds the device with attached joy-con controllers. We approve it as a perfect option for those who love going on short trips with their Switch. 

Orzly Portable Travel Case

It is another travel-friendly protective case with a sleek design. This highly rated case has ample space to hold extra games, cables, and controllers in one pack, and is sturdy enough to keep your device secure.

2. Alternative Switch Controllers

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Switch Controller image

While Switch already includes joy-cons that make it easy to enjoy, you can always buy other great controller options to improve your playing experience. The marketplace is filled with high-end gamepads and retro controllers to suit everyone’s needs. For all aspiring Smash pros: if you want to buy something for a second player or need a solution for joy-con drift, we have the best picks for you.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

This will be an excellent addition to your arsenal. It is pricey as compared to other options, but you are going to like its big and satisfyingly clicky buttons and sticks that are different from other joy-cons. It supports NFC, full-HD rumble and motion control and gets you wireless connectivity and rechargeable battery — all that makes it the best gamepad.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Switch Controller

If you feel Switch Pro’s price is a lot for a gamepad, we recommend getting PowerA as a great third-party alternative. It is light but does not feel cheap, and the plastic seems solid. We recommend it for its enhanced motion controls, programmable buttons, and solid sticks, but it does not get you a rechargeable battery and Rumble technology.

3. Screen Protectors

Screen Protectors for Nintendo Switch

Switch is a great portable device with a nice, large screen. For people using Switch on the go, preventing the display from getting scratched is extremely important. You will need a strong screen protector if you dock and undock your device a lot to keep it safe and in good condition. For this we recommend.

Orzly Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

This protector is very thin but super effective against scratches and does not reduce touchscreen sensitivity. You will get two protectors along with wet wipes and a microfiber cloth in the pack. At 0.24 mm thickness, it is barely noticeable as compared to other protectors.

Hori Protective Screen Filter for Nintendo Switch Lite

This great and easy to apply protector comes with a fluorine coating that repels dirt and fingerprints. The protective film is good at keeping the LCD screen from damage and reduces 30% of blue light.

4. Wireless Headset

Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset image

If you want to play video games during the night and are forced to decrease the volume not to disturb other family members because Switch does not have Bluetooth, worry no more. There are many wireless headsets that work with the console to make your gaming experience more immersive.

Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset

This is all-in-one compelling wireless headphone that works great with the device and can be used for video chat. Beside Switch, it also works with other gaming consoles and comes with a 2.4 GHz dongle to be plugged into the device’s USB-C port or USB adapter which is included in the pack.

5. Travel AC Adapter

YCCTEAM Nintendo Switch AC Adapter image

If you want to move your Switch without moving the power cord or looking to buy a new one for easy packing and storing in a bag when you travel, we have a great product for you at a reasonable price. Now there is no need to unplug the Switch Dock into your TV

YCCTEAM Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

It will keep your device charged in both handheld and docked mode and will not overheat. You can easily plug in the console for charging and play at the same time; it will charge faster than the battery is drained. This is the best, reliable and inexpensive alternative to the official Nintendo Switch AC adapter that charges your device, dock, and Pro Controller pretty quick.

Plenty of Accessories Make Your Life Easier

We have rounded some of the best Nintendo Switch gear to own, so you could get the most out of your gaming experience. These new accessories with so many functionalities will make your life easier. Let us know which Switch accessories you have already bought or are looking for by sharing your thoughts in our comments section.

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