The End of WhatsApp Support For Old Phones

You still have time to save your history and chat on the older versions of mobile platforms, including Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. All the details on the further end of support are available in the FAQ section of WhatsApp, Facebook’s app. The end of support begins on December 31.

Why Do You Need A New Phone

There are lots of people in the world who are used to their old iPhones and Android smartphones and believe that they can handle one more year, at least. In this case, you have to download all your chats and prepare that WhatsApp will not work on them. Some phones are simply outdated for many apps that appear. The tech progress speeds up, demanding new devices from you.

Some new features are simply impossible to download on old phones. And apparently, WhatsApp developers decided that there is no point in supporting the versions for old phones as well. So, in 2020 this popular messaging service will no longer be active on old phones.

Information About Old Android And iOS Devices

Not all, but some old Android and iOS devices will no longer be able to use WhatsApp messenger. According to the app’s developers, the support will be stopped on February 1. The end of support of Windows Phone devices is December 31, 2019. WhatsApp Messenger will not work on phones with system 2.3.7 Android or lower. As for iPhones, WhatsApp will not be compatible with the iOS 8 system and lower.

No Verification Or New Accounts

You have to keep the deadline in mind. After it, you will not be able to re-verify accounts that already exist or create new. If you don’t want to buy a new phone, you may want to save the message history before you opt for the new chatting app. Pay attention to WhatsApp no longer supporting next versions of mobile phones:

  • iOS 8 and earlier;
  • Android 2.3.7 and earlier;
  • All Windows Phone OS mobiles.

End Of Windows Phone Era

There will be no WhatsApp chats for Windows Phone users after December 31. No matter which model you have, in the year 2020, you will not be able to use the chat on your phone. At the same time, Microsoft stops its support for Windows 10 Mobile OS. But to be fair, the WhatsApp app was not available on the Windows Phone Microsoft store from the middle of summer.

Save Your Conversations

If you don’t want to lose the data from the messenger, simply backup all your chats. You may export them to the new phone or computer. If you want to export chats on your phone, open them and tap the Group data in the menu. Now tap Export Chat, and pick whether you want to save them with all the media or without it. Choose the option and save it.

Do You Use WhatsApp?

If you are using this messenger, please share in the comments below why you like it. You can also tell us why you prefer other messengers. If there are readers here who have older versions of their phones, we would like to know whether they are going to buy new phones or switch apps.

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