Top 10 Apps For Windows PC

There is no limit to perfection when it comes to Windows PC versions. While Microsoft does its best by adding numerous utilities to each operating system, there is still a place for more apps. Some of them secure your documents with passwords, others edit your photos. They all will suit fine for your new Windows PC system.

1Password and LastPass

1 password screenshot

Price: $2.99 a month per 1Password and 1 month of free trial; $3 a month for premium subscription per LastPass and a free basic version

We all are aware of security breaches in the huge number of popular services and social media. These days, the app that gives you extra security is really important. You may lose your identity just by opening the letter with the virus. The solid password manager is a must. Among the numerous password managing apps, 1Password and LastPass are believed to be the best. They save passwords and IDs and add them to your apps. Both apps recommend the random combinations so no one will receive access to your information except you.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo screenshot

Price: $49.99

If you want a picture editing app, this one is one of the best. Adobe Photoshop may still be a well-known leader among all image editors, but it weighs a great deal and requires a monthly subscription from you. Affinity Photo has numerous advanced features, similar to Adobe, but does not ask for subscription payments for its services. You pay $49.99 one time, and you can use the app whenever you like. The app is still improving by developers, so you can receive extra tools at any time. If you used Photoshop at least once in a lifetime, you will quickly get accustomed to this app, as it has a similar interface.

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer screenshot

Price: Free of charge

LibreOffice Writer is a great tool for people who have to write a lot during the day or need to create documents once in a while. It doesn't really matter how often you will use it. This is a visual HTML editor and word processor. This app is a part of LibreOffice and OpenOffice. It is secured, it is free, unlike Microsoft Word, and it is simple in use. For many years, this app continues to receive advanced features from developers. It is open-source, so you can always download it from the official page. Many users compare the app with WordPerfect from Corel and Microsoft Word. They do have similarities, and if you have previously tried any of them, you will quickly learn how to use LibreOffice Writer as well.


TreeSize screenshot

Price: Free basic version; $24.95 premium subscription

TreeSize is actually a tool that has to be on your computer. If you want to detect which software takes all your drive space, this app is helpful. It may be a little bit annoying, reminding you to clean up your photo collection. However, it also will find unnecessary files you don’t even need that take extra place.


Malwarebytes screenshot

Price: Free basic version; $39.99 per year for a premium subscription

It is always a great idea to protect your computer from malware. But sometimes it is hard to even access the anti-virus software to clean up the computer. In this case, you can install Malwarebytes. Despite the attempts of malware to block any anti-virus programs, this one may actually get through. Don’t delete the app after you get rid of the virus. Save it and keep it just in case. It is free, so you don’t actually have to worry about the cost. Since 2008 it’s been saving computers from malware. If you can’t find malware with Malwarebytes, but you are sure that there is one, start the app again. Usually, it takes up to 2 approaches to delete everything suspicious from your computer. In the paid version, you will receive a RAM scan and extra security.


Audacity screenshot

Price: Free of charge

There are numerous options for people who create audio podcasts, edit songs, and so on. If your work is somehow related to the audio, you may love this simple but truly magnificent editor. There are multiple editing and recording tools. The app supports 32-bit, 24-bit, and 16-bit audio. It contains a big number of plug-ins with previews. And the best part is that this audio editor is free. This is a multiplatform tool that works with numerous tracks at the same time. The app works well with Linux and macOS as well. Via this app you can import and export WAV and MP3 files, record sounds from the microphone, and choose different effects to use.


Wox screenshot

Price: Free of charge

Wox does not need any additional mentioning. However, it is a crime not to mention this amazing tool among the top best tools for Windows. Wox allows its users to search the web for files and apps. It has its similarities with Mac’s Alfred app. However, many users believe it is more powerful, especially when it comes to searching for anything on your computer. It is definitely better than the built-in searching system in Windows. You may customize your search, via the plug-ins that Wox supports. Wox also offers to translate the text into different languages.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player screenshot

Price: Free of charge

During the last 20 years, this player has been constantly improved by its developers VideoLAN. It is also available for Macs, mobile platforms, and Linux. This is an open-source free player, and it may be less popular than other players, but definitely not less effective. The player is simple in use. It works with a variety of video and audio formats. You can use this player to stream video and audio files over the net. You don’t even have to install extra codecs as they are built-in inside the program. Besides, this tool can open DVD files.


Ninite screenshot

Price: Free of charge

Ninite is a favorite app for many users. They appreciate its simplicity and reliability. The app helps you to pack everything and install all you need on your computer. There are numerous apps you can find on the Ninite website. Check them out. Put a tick on everything you want to download and install on your computer. There is a big list, and you can actually choose anything from it. Hit the button, and Ninite will do the rest. All the popular free apps will be on your computer in no time. It automatically installs everything you need. The app works fast and professionally. And good news, you don’t actually have to pay anything for its service.


clipmate screenshot

Price: $34.95 for the license

We all know what Clipmate is. We have seen it so many times in different Windows versions, we all know how it works. This tool helps to save clips and search them via the clipboard. It offers to edit the clips you have already saved, put them into another format and share them with your friends if you need it. While Windows 10 offers several clipboards available at the same time, Clipmate is on demand. The app works well with a standard built-in Windows clipboard. Put the data in the Clipmate, and it will be automatically saved into clipboard or directly into the app that you use. With this app, you receive total control over keeping your collection.

Are All These Apps Necessary to Install?

You don’t have to pick all of them. Yet, we gathered here only the most powerful and useful apps for your Windows. Many of them are free, and some of them have 30 days trial. Check them out and decide which one you need. They belong to different areas. You don’t have to try one of them and then switch to another, you can check all at once. If you don’t like the app, just delete it.

There is a chance that you’ve tried at least one of these apps on your Windows PC or maybe still use it. Share your opinion about these apps. Name your favorite apps. It is ok if they are not here on the list.

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