Top March Apps For Mac

Usually, Mac apps are less discussed and better known as iPhone apps. However, there are some outstanding applications worthy of attention that may be helpful for users. These apps will definitely ease your life.  If you have more apps to add on the list, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.


Rocket app screenshot

Price: Free

Rocket is free of charge app that was created to help you find emoji you have to send to express your thought. All you need to do is start typing the name of emoji you want, the app will find it immediately. If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, you may try different words, and check out what Rocket suggests you.

Rocket is slightly similar to Slack. However, it is less expensive and compatible with various systems. Besides, you don’t have to limit yourself with emoji, you may search for memes or GIFs there. The app works fast, and it has dark and light themes.


Slash app screenshot

Price: Free

Slash is a perfect app for creative people who can’t procrastinate instead of doing their daily tasks. We understand you completely. There are so many tasks to do during the day and so little time that it is better to leave everything behind and scroll up and down your Instagram and Facebook. Well, not so fast. Slash is checking on you. It congratulates you on achieving results, tracks your time and sends you notifications.

Slash app offers you to use the Pomodoros technique, with 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes break. You may limit the time you spend on sending emails up to 20 minutes. The app also gathers the information on the time you spend performing various tasks. It provides you a helpful stats of your activities.


InstaRemind app screenshot

Price: $0.99

InstaRemind app offers to add more reminders to the Reminders app. It makes the whole process easier and faster. All you need to do is to create a shortcut you want to use and make reminders on Mac. You can add these reminders to the different lists, and extend them with the due dates.

InstaRemind is a customizable app. You can make the use of the app more personal and productive. Check all the options of the app. The reminder can be opened from the menu bar. Use the automatic autocomplete to choose the list that you need. InstaRemind offers dark and light modes.

Next Meeting

Next Meeting

Price: Free

The Next Meeting is an ideal app for businessmen. It is a menu bar, specifically made to reveal upcoming meetings. It also can show you calendar events you have marked before. That’s what this app does.

Next Meeting does not cost you a thing. It has a creative design and simple to get interface. You will learn how to control it in no time. The app syncs with numerous services, including iCloud, Yahoo, Exchange, Google, CalDAV, and Facebook. It can easily sync with all your calendars if you let it.


Evernote app screenshot

Price: Free, $35 a year for Premium

Evernote makes your working process easier. It helps to organize and sync your notes, no matter whether they are handwritten or saved as a photo. An app is a well-known tool for everyone who deals with notes. It has a user-friendly interface and numerous features. This app syncs with almost all web services. It is one of the most popular apps in the world. Evernote has numerous browser extensions.

Evernote’s basic version is free of charge. It contains original functions and 60MB uploads per month. You may sync the app with two machines. However, if these functions are not enough for you, you may try Premium services for $35 a year.


Pocket app sccreenshot

Price: Free, $45 a year for Premium

Pocket is an app that helps you to mark and save your favorite articles, web pages, and even videos in one place. Once you find the article you want to read, you can place it in the “pocket” and view it later. If you don’t have time to read or watch later, just pocket it.

One of the main advantages of this app is its offline mode. You can use it even without an Internet connection. You may share your favorite articles and videos with friends via the app. It easily syncs with other devices. And there are Mac and iOS versions for your convenience. More than 14 million users across the world prefer to keep their favorite reading and videos in Pocket. The app is free of charge in its basic version. If you want to receive more services, you can pay $45 a year for the Premium account.


Spotify app screenshot

Price: Free

Spotify is an obvious choice for all music fans. It leads to monthly charts for many years. While many Mac users still prefer Apple Music, as a native app, Spotify is a great alternative. With the new ability to connect the Spotify account to Discord, you can share your current streams with friends.

Spotify app for Mac offers a user-friendly interface and provides access to the complete catalog. You receive the whole access to its options without having to scroll up and down on the small screen of your mobile phone. Mac version offers everything that mobile, and even more. The catalog of Spotify is gigantic. Everyone will find their favorite music genre. You may also receive personal recommendations from smart AI with it.


Parcel app screenshot

Price: Free

Parcel is the best app for online shopaholics and anyone who does not want to waste their time going to brick and mortar shops. If you are expecting the package to arrive, you are better to download Parcel on your Mac. The app can relieve your worries.

Parcel is a tracker that currently works with over 250 different services, and judging by the popularity of the app, this list is going to grow. For now, it is compatible with FedEx, USPS, and UPS. All you need is to check your parcel is to get the tracking number. After that, the app will do everything for you. It will send you push notifications when the package gets close to you. There is an iOS version as well if you want to track your package while you are walking or riding somewhere.

Choosing The Best App

It is impossible to choose the best app from this list. We gathered amazing variants for your Mac. They all perform different tasks and do it splendidly. We suggest you install all of them. If you have already checked some of them, reveal your thoughts in the comments.

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