Apple Arcade’s Butter Royale is Out and Rocks

Apple Arcade has become a great source of excellent indie experiences that you can access via a Netflix-like subscription and play both online and offline without adds. Service’s latest installment, Butter Royale, added some action to the library of polished, calm titles. This multiplayer battle royale shooter looks like a more family-friendly version of Fortnite. It offers a convenient top-down perspective and food-loaded weapons as an alternative to realistic firearms that you can see in Fortnite and similar games. 

According to the plot, the absence of normal weapons in the Butter Royale universe is caused by the global ban of weapons. Those people who are hungry for competitions decided to establish food fights as an alternative to deadly shootouts. They invented Nutritionally Operated Machines with hilarious names like Breadzooka, Sniparmesan, Mayonator3000, and many others. Have you already tried the new Apple Arcade’s nonviolent battle royale? Tell others about your experience and share the article with your friends if you find that Butter Royale is worth their attention.

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