Apple Reported About The Record Revenue

The company's total revenue for the fourth quarter of 2019 equals $64 billion. The CEO of the corporation, Tim Cook, said Apple showed the best revenue growth for the fourth fiscal quarter ever. According to him, this happened due to the accelerated growth of segments of the services provided by the company, sales of wearable electronics, and iPad.

Apple Success Bottom Line

Apple has predicted that it would earn between $61 billion and $64 billion in the third quarter. As you can see, the most optimistic forecast came true. For comparison, Apple's revenue in the third quarter of last year reached only 62.9 billion dollars.

The profit of the Apple company in the third quarter of 2019 reached $13.69 billion. Apple has ceased to disclose sales statistics of its products, but the company indicates how much money they bring:

  • iPhone - 33.36 billion dollars;

  • Services - $ 12.5 billion;

  • Mac - 6.99 billion dollars;

  • Wearable devices, home devices, and accessories - $ 6.52 billion;

  • iPad - $ 4.66 billion.

iPad sales were up 17% thanks to the iPad Pro appearance. In general, more than half of the buyers bought the iPad for the first time, and therefore the user base also reached a new record level. Mac laptops brought the company $7 billion, which is 5% lower than a year ago. Sales of wearable devices, devices for the home, and other accessories grew to 54%, bringing the company $6.5 billion. 

The company's predictions for the next quarter (Q1 2020) state the revenue from $85.5 to 89.5 billion. For comparison, the revenue in previous years in this quarter was:

  • 2015: $74.6 billion;

  • 2016: $75.9 billion;

  • 2017: $78.4 billion;

  • 2018: $88.3 billion;

  • 2019: $84.3 billion.

World's Largest PC Seller

Apart from making the biggest revenue amount in the company's history, Apple has also become one of the world's biggest PC vendors. The income of Mac and iPad sales brought the company $47 billion.


Revenues for Macs this quarter amounted to $7 billion, which is a slight decrease compared to a year ago (about 4.5%). However, this quarter was a record for the company's revenue in this product category. Mr. Tim Cook also stated that "MacBook Air, in particular, has been a hit in the back to school season."


The iPad sales revenue growth up to 17% and brings almost $4.7 billion. And this is the fourth consecutive quarter in which this product category is showing growth. It seems that Apple managed to breathe a second life into its tablets, and the market supported this with great demand.

At the country level, Apple also set some records. This applies to many large developed and emerging markets, including the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, India, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Apple of Discord

Despite all of the company's great indicators and successes, still, there are people who consider Apple products as overrated. Whose side are you on? Do you read this article from your new iPhone or another smartphone? Let us know!

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