Apps by Facebook Aggressively Promote E-Shopping

It’s no coincidence that Instagram gets its shopping experience larger and the Facebook app finally gets it. It’s the pandemic that boosted e-shopping, and Facebook responds through all its projects. As it’s been announced in May, now Facebook lets its users create their own shops that are accessible from both Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The most important innovation of the month is Facebook Shop. This section of the original Facebook app is now being tested in the U.S.; later it’s to be launched in other countries. Unlike the P2P-oriented Facebook Marketplace, it’s business-oriented. On Facebook, shop runners will get new layouts, collection preview tools, and the Commerce Manager to keep the things in order.

Facebook Shop screenshots

As for Instagram, its shopping section is seriously redesigned. Now it’s easier for users to browse through items by their favorite brands and make purchases. American sellers will also soon receive the opportunity to introduce Instagram Checkout. Due to this feature, one won’t have to enter any third-party website to place the order and make the payment. The Commerce Manager will also be available to Instagram shop owners.

Though the platforms are supposed to be universally accessible (regardless of the app you use for shopping), the experience they deliver should differ. At least, Facebook spokespersons insist on that. On Facebook, there will probably be more description: more texts, longer videos, and so on. Instagram will remain more visual, with short bright videos and lots of photos, as well as IG Live Shopping, a real-time video presentation tool. As for communication, both platforms allow for that, especially given the integration between Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram DM).

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