Dropbox May Become a Thing of the Past Thanks to a New iCloud Feature

Easy sharing of folders and files is something that everyone highly appreciates. Apple made a decision – relying on a third-party service is no longer a good idea and added a new iCloud feature for the users who own an iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

Previously, Dropbox was the go-to online service with the help of which you could share folders and files. Now, the situation will change as Apple introduced a software update that allows you to use iCloud Drive storage to share various folders that can contain photos, documents, presentations, and much more. With such a novation, there will no longer be a need for using Dropbox, as iCloud Drive automatically comes with each iOS product.

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Besides the apparent ease of use, another benefit of using this new iCloud feature is that Dropbox currently allows users with a fee-free subscription to link not more than three devices to an account. With the iCloud sharing feature, there are no such restrictions. All you need to do is to tweak some settings according to your preferences.

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