Hideo Kojima Already Has a New Title in Production

Though Hideo Kojima had his great day in 2019, celebrating the success of Death Stranding didn’t take him long. Now the famous director has already started his next big game and ditched another project. There isn’t much to tell about these projects yet, nevertheless, Kojima has something to share.

First of all, we shouldn’t expect the new title to arrive soon. Kojima is still working on the project, but he reveals no details about it at all. Probably there will be a hi-tech sci-fi, Kojima’s favorite genre. But, as Death Stranding shows, now the Genius is interested in world building, not just alternative history he practiced in Metal Gear Solid series.

Death Stranding game screenshot

As for the funding for the new game, Kojima says it’s already granted, so the project will not be cancelled for financial reasons. Still, don’t expect it to happen quickly: production may take years and years. And then it may take years for the gaming community to taste it. So it’s expected with the gameplay that’s antonymous to “casual”: Kojima’s games are slow-paced and immersive, with the world full of surprises and unusual in its core. 

On the other hand, Death Stranding, as Kojima reveals, has finally recouped its costs and started to gain profit. It’s often so with works that are outstanding: their sales disappoint in the beginning, but then they form a cult and start to produce long time revenue. Its sales will certainly increase again after the long-awaited release on PC, and then, probably, after the new generation consoles hit the stores.

As for the cancelled project, there is nothing known about it at all, except for it has been important for Kojima, so he’s disappointed. But he admits that’s the way the game industry operates. It might have been his Silent Hills project, but it’s only a speculation.

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