Meet Vs. Zoom: New Rivalry of Free Services

Meet is going free to be able to compete with one of the most popular online chatting apps of the moment, Zoom. COVID-19 pandemic increased the influence of video chatting services, making Zoom the No 1 product on the market. Meet, which use to be a paid app for G Suite customers, entered the “game” and opened its features for everyone.

On Wednesday, Google has announced that they are going to make Google Meet free for all users. It was previously a part of the G Suite package, the line of Google that consisted of Drive, Gmail, and Docs. The app was always available for everyone, but meeting creation was impossible without an account in G Suite.

Zoom meetings

From now on, users can create meetings and invite others for free. However, you still need to have a Google account. Although it may seem like an extra task to do, while for using Zoom, you do not need any account at all, Meet actually has its benefits as well. After registering the Google account, you can stay online with your friends, colleagues or students for up to 60 minutes. The Zoom limit is 45 free minutes. According to Google, the company will leave it free of charge until September, 30.

Users may invite up to 100 participants to join the video conference. There are screen sharing options and real-time image captions. The usage of the app has been rising since the coronavirus pandemic started. Now Google wants to beat the stats of Zoom. During the quarantine, the demand for the Meet features rose up to 3 million users per day.

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