Modern Warfare’s ‘Rust’ is Back for Season 2

Activision launched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 on February 11 and introduced new and fan-favorite maps. Previously, Activision and Infinity Ward announced that the content would be released in pieces. Similarly to Season One, content updates will take several weeks. Specific dates of each release are kept in secret, but we know that all the new maps and guns are provided for free.

On the first day, the developer introduced the remastered version of the legendary Rust map. It’s available in the standard multiplayer mode and the new 2x2 Gunfight. The next of 4 maps is Atlas Superstore, which is, on the contrary, a brand new one. It takes action to a large big box store, bringing lots of new tactic opportunities. The third map, Bazaar, is a small Gunfight exclusive. Finally, Zhokov Boneyard is a vast airplane cemetery purposed for long 32v32 Ground War tournaments. 

The Battle Pass for the current season includes a wide range of free and premium-access cosmetics. You can purchase it for around $10 (1000 COD Points). Have you already bought the Season 2 Battle Pass? Do you like it? Write your opinion in the comments and share the news.

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