Multiplayer Mobile Games Are More Popular Than Ever

Social distancing has affected many areas of our lives and also forced many of us to find additional sources of entertainment. According to AppAnnie, the current COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the gaming world.

The source informs that there has been an increase in downloads of mobile games and video games in general. In addition to that, it is also obvious that people spend more time than usual playing these games. AppAnnie claims that a lot of games that are currently extremely popular have multiplayer gameplay, which is not surprising in the times when people are more separated than ever.

As stated by AppAnnie, the most popular games differ in their genres, and some games are more popular than others in certain countries. For instance, PUBG Mobile is the leading game in South Korea, while those in the United States and the UK seem to prefer games like Roblox and New Words with Friends. Since March 2020, there has been a 30% increase in the demand for different mobile games.

Have you started playing more games while on social distancing? What are your favorites? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and share this news with others.

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