NBA 2K Tournament for Professional Players: Fun Simulation for Sports Fans

The majority of us are stuck at home, and if you are a sports fan, the absence of exciting events in the world of sports probably doesn’t make you happy. In these times, free download NBA 2K gained even more fans, which is not surprising. To bring some fun into our lives, NBA players and ESPN got an idea to organize a virtual NBA2K tournament.

What Can We Expect From the Tournament?

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Kevin Durant made the announcement of who will play in this tournament in The Boardroom.  According to the organizers, the decision depended on the video game rating of players. At the moment, we are so bored that watching an NBA 2K mobile simulation seems like something to look forward to. If you agree with us, here are some thoughts on who has better chances of proceeding in the game.

Because Kevin Durant is actively involved in the organization of this event, we guess that he should be able to win at least once, as he is both informed and prepared. At the same time, it’s not so black and white. There is a video of Durant filmed in 2018 where he played NBA 2K, and the results were far from amazing. Maybe, he practiced a lot during this quarantine and can surprise us. It still seems that he could be better than Derrick Jones Jr. and beat him in the first round.

When it comes to Trae Young vs Harrison Barnes, our bet is definitely on the latter. Trae Young hasn’t been a huge video game player in the past while Barnes participated in Player vs. Gamer several years ago and it’s obvious that he is not new to the gaming world.

The next matchup on the list is Hassan Whiteside and Patrick Beverly. When it comes to Beverly, he brags about being an excellent Call of Duty player, which means that he is familiar with video games. Whiteside is also not a newbie, which is something we can tell by his Snapchat, where he shares actively that he plays different games. In this situation, it’s difficult to tell who has better chances, but it seems that Beverly is more competitive, and this can help him a lot.

Next, we have Donovan Mitchell and Rui Hachimura. Our bet is on Mitchell, who has managed to win against Ronnie 2K only recently. When it comes to Rui Hachimura, we don’t know how much of a gamer he is because he hasn’t been involved in any gaming streams.

In the matchup of Michael Porter Jr. vs Devin Booker, the prognosis is mostly unclear. Booker spent a lot of time playing online as the Suns. At the same time, Michael Porter Jr. is the youngest player in the tournament and may have some tricks up his sleeve. Stil, we think that Booker probably has better chances because of his experience.

We can definitely expect some intense trash talks from Andre Drummond and DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins had plenty of time on his hand to play video games while Drummond even has a Twitch account where he streams Fortnite. Clearly, we don’t know what to expect as the powers seem quite equal.

The last matchup that we can see in the first round involves DeAndre Ayton and Zach LaVine. Ayton has kept on playing the Suns’ games since the season has been delayed. When it comes to LaVine, he is an experienced video game player that streams different games, and NBA 2K is not an exception.

Making the Best of What We Got

It’s obvious that some players are more likely to win because of their gaming experience. Still, we should be prepared to get surprises. Maybe some players had enough time to develop their skills at home. If you are not too familiar with the game, you can brush up on the NBA 2K strategy guide before the big online events to gain a better understanding.

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