Party Mode in Fortnite Offers Diplo’s Concert

This week the new Party Mode appeared in Fortnite, and many artists got the opportunity to reach their fans in lockdown inside the game. After the great online Travis Scott concert, it seems that the new era began. DJ Diplo and actor Jordan Fisher decided to host a legendary live concert as well.

The concert starts at 9 PM ET and takes place in the Party Mode of mega-popular Fortnite battle royale. This zone is weapon-free, and everyone may join it to listen to music. There is also an option for those people who do not want to install Fortnite to be able to attend the concert. All you need is Twitch. You will see live broadcasting. The Major Lazer set was officially announced on Fortnite’s Twitter page as well.

Fortnite picture

It’s unlikely that the show can be compared to the legendary Astronomical setup made by Travis Scott, but players can order the Major Lazer from the store and dance. Diplo will be playing right above the main arena, and Fortnite’s players will be able to show their best dancing. While these types of concerts are getting more popular, it is highly unlikely that Diplo will be the last musician who takes the stage of Fortnite. Perhaps, Epic has an ace up its sleeve. After the live concert, you will be able to check out the concert on Twitch as well. Fortnite players enjoy the new opportunity to attend the concert and show their dancing skills.

And what about you? Learned any new moves? Who do you think will be the next host in Party Mode?

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