Recent Updates On GeForce

GeForce was officially released last month. Since that time, game developers have not rushed to represent their games on Nvidia’s streaming GPU platform. At the same time, Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, actively supports new service, saying that this is one of the best and friendliest options for developers on the modern market.

Tim Sweeney has recently stated that Epic Games totally supports GeForce NOW service from Nvidia. According to him, their most popular product Fortnite, as well as the other Epic Games Store products, are willing to use GeForce. The company hopes that the integration between them and GeForce will be intensified in the future. He also called on other game developers to use GeForce to improve the game industry in general.

GeForce Now is a new platform that provides video game streaming options. It does not, however, provide you access to the games’ library after you subscribe to the service, like PlayStation Now or Google Stadia. GeForce Now provides you games that you own in integration with Epic Games Store and Steam accounts. Tell us your honest opinion about the new service. Do you like it? If not, explain why.

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