Sony Can’t Decide On PS5 Price

In the latest earnings call, Sony PlayStation department declared that the price of the upcoming PS5 hadn’t been set yet. The company suggests that it will depend on the analysis of the market competition closer to the launch date. Sony’s chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki said that the company is competing with other brands in the field. He also added that Sony has to decide on costs before establishing the final price. 

Presumably, the price will be officially announced in February, during the rumored presentation. The event will clarify the real release date and price of the device. The list of upcoming games is also quite secretive, which may mean 2 things. Sony is about to introduce something groundbreaking, or they face some kind of crisis. 

Another version is that Sony is waiting for Microsoft to disclose Xbox Series X prices to set a competitive price tag. We will be tweaking to deliver the freshest news to you as soon as possible, so come back later to get the latest info about Sony’s PS5. Until then, join the conversation in the comments and suggest the price for the upcoming next-gen console. And don’t forget to share the news with other PS fans.

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