Xbox Game Pass Passes 10 Million Subscribers Threshold

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, has recently shared the results of the last financial quarter of Xbox. It showed the overwhelming stats. The number of signed users rose to 90 million gamers on Xbox Live, which was expected. The pleasant surprise for the company was over 10 million subscribers for Xbox Game Pass, the service of PC, and Xbox One.

According to the CEO, millions of users decided to pay for a subscription while staying on quarantine. The spread of COVID-19 forces more gamers to order Game Pass. Nadella assures that Microsoft will continue to provide gamers 1st and 3rd party content during these hard times. The number of users who opt for Xbox Live rose significantly during the last month. The company has noticed the growth in the in-game services and content demand.

Xbox series

In the meantime, Microsoft still faces hard times due to the revenue numbers. The company lost 20 percent of hardware sales because of the reductions in price. They do not lose hope and continue to work on Xbox Series X, which will be released close to the end of 2020. The situation with revenues in gaming is not the easiest around the world. The gaming industry lost 1 percent comparing to the last year on revenues. The demand for game services rose over 2 percent due to the quarantine in almost all countries on earth. Players continue to invade virtual worlds while being shut down at their homes.

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