YouTube Music Is Testing Personal Music Library Uploading

One of the biggest pains of all YouTube Music subscribers has been the absence of an option to upload personal music to the app. Google Play Music provides such an ability to users by default. Google has talked about the same feature for YouTube Music recently, and some leaks say that the feature is already implemented in the internal beta version of the mobile app. 

According to leaks, the new app lets you upload and store audio files from your own collection. The library automatically combines the uploaded files with the proprietary YouTube library. This update is called to solve problems with finding rare records and tracks by local-level artists that aren’t presented on YouTube by any record label.

Implementation of the feature also removes one of the major differences between Play Music and YouTube Music. It proves the intention of Google to migrate PM subscribers to YTM. However, the interface and algorithms of YTM leave much to be desired, so the migration will take much time or may not even happen. Do you use YouTube Music? What would you change in the app to make it better? Join the conversation in the comments, and don’t forget to share! 

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