Borderlands 3: 10 Tricks People Still Don't Know About

The new Borderlands installment has been around for a good couple of months; it’s quite enough to explore it inside out, visit all available planets, try as many weapons as possible (though one will never try all of them), and search for Legendaries. Most of them are already discovered, and some have even repeated their success of playing as True Vault Hunter. 

Still, despite all that cult and understandable attention to the game, there are still tricks many players are completely unaware of or don’t know what they are for. The world of Borderlands has always been rich in detail and function, and none of them are here in vain. So here are the ten minor things to form a major change in your Borderlands 3 experience.

If You Don’t Know What to Do, Slide

The new ways to move feel great, and sliding is the least popular of them, but still impressive. Maybe some would definitely prefer mantling, but that’s probably because they didn’t have a chance to taste sliding. It can obtain new qualities with a little help from artifacts you have in the meanwhile. 

For example, you can even make your slide a terrible weapon.

The sliding mode is easy to activate from sprinting, and it gives advantages. For example, you can launch barrels faster and further than when walking or running. Try doing ordinary things while sliding, and you’ll discover they aren’t that ordinary. Your enemies lose shields when you slide past them. Escaping is smoother. And it takes just one button to start when you’re running. 

Count Red Chests to Know How Much Is Left to Complete the Zone

Borderlands 3 Red Chest poster

Probably developers consider this a feature to keep you unaware of how much is left to complete a zone. For example, when a zone is close to completion, you may wander around for long, figuring out how to beat the remaining 2%. But there are things for bridging that gap.

First, you can go to the map and see what you’re missing. The keyword is Red Chest. They are the necessary elements; the menu shows you how many you have found and how many are left. You may also lack some Echo Logs, but searching for them may be dull.

If you don’t mind using external tools, you can visit the popular and use a map to assist yourself. 

Legendary Icons Spawn Earlier than the Item

Not that it’s much help, but it may save you some time when you reach Level 50. By this time you must have large weaponry and don’t bother picking guns less than Legendary. Even money can’t help you move further on this level. So it’s all about luck in finding Orange Weapons.

Well, if you watch the symbols on the minimap, you might have noticed that the icon of the legendary weapon appears a second or two earlier than the actual item pops up on the map. So if you hurry there, you may save your time.

There Are Twice As Many Guns in Co-op Mode

Borderlands 3 is a sort of gun-art, and the more guns you get involved in the process, the better. In this game cooperation is a very specific thing. For example, there is scaling, for granting decent cooperation between players of two different levels. But suddenly, in co-op mode, there are really twice as many guns to pick!

That opens lots of opportunities; for example, if a player needs no money, they may just pick up guns that appear for the other player, and then drop them. This is a greatly profitable manner, and it makes more sense in excess of guns. Another great consequence is that getting twice as many guns spawning, you double your chances of finding Legendaries.

Earn on Certain Artifacts

Borderlands 3 Loot Expander poster

Sometimes most common objects, like Loot Expander artifacts, are underrated just because they are common. But the way they are useful, especially in early levels, is hard to overrate if you know it. One Loot Expander artifact can distort probabilities.

In practice, it means that, with one Expander with you, playing Slot Machines is more profitable, because the drops are shifted to your benefit. If you invest 100,000 to Moxxi’s Machines, you receive 500.000 – a good balance, isn’t it? Just save yourself one of these artifacts, and you may have 99 problems, but money isn’t one.

Spawns and Mayhem Modifiers are Easy to Refresh

What Mayhem Mode is known about is upgraded enemies, stronger than usual. Still, to recompense a bit this imbalance, it also brings random modifiers. Each time the Vault Hunter enters the zone, there are random buffs or debuffs waiting for them. They may affect enemies’ or your own manner of combat or some effects that increase or decrease sorts of damage made by weapons, or anything. Add that to the variety of weapons the game already has.

So, some of those modifiers can be useful to you, and some not. But if this time you feel unlucky, you may just go back to the main menu and re-enter. Then the game will randomly select other modifiers, and maybe this time they will be better for your mission.

Slot Machines Also Change in Mayhem Mode

Mayhem means that everything gets confused and unfamiliar, and it goes out to slot machines as well. There are loot modifiers, and they can really seriously impact the results of your game. And if you follow one of our earlier advice and carry a Loot Expander or the Loaded Dice with you, the result may be just incredible. Well, it’s unpredictable as well but it’s better to get some unexpected bonuses from slot machines than to get none, right? So playing slots in Mayhem Mode is a good idea – but don’t forget the artifacts.

Friends Help Friends Spawn Kill Bounties

There is an interesting interactive effect when you’re playing with friends. Of course, it requires a certain friend list with at least some active players. Watch: if any of those on your friendlist kills an Assassination Target, the target may with high probability respawn on the “KILL” wall, right across the golden chest. On the other hand, you can get the same effects with maps by mapgenie. But if you don’t consider third-party assistance right, this tip may help you.

The Eridian Fabricator Works When on Display Wall

Borderlands 3 Eridian Fabricator poster

It would have been strange of the game that’s so heavily about guns not to introduce its gun generator. In the later episodes, near the end of the storyline, you will meet a short-statured hero who will bring you a gift. It is named the Eridian Fabricator, and it’s for fabricating.

Fully complying to borderlands 3 aesthetics, the Eridian Fabricator looks like a gun. What it fabricates are (surprise!) guns. Load it with 10 Eridian, and it will shoot you a gun. It rarely (if ever) surprises you with Legendaries, but still, it’s a useful thing. But carrying this device with you isn’t always that comfortable.

There is a way out, though. You don’t have to carry it in your inventory all the time. Just go to your Heavy Weapon spot and find the display wall, then slap the Eridian Fabricator up on it. It’s the way to make it easily accessible all the time, but not carry it with you. 

There Is a Quick Way to Sell without Switching to Cell Screen

It may seem minor, and it has no explanation in the game itself, but there is a quicker way to trade in the Vending Machines. The regular way of trading meant that you need to buy ammo for each of your guns separately, and if you want to sell the unnecessary guns, you need to sell one at a time.

Now it’s a bit different, and it helps you save time. Ammo can be refilled outside the machine. Selling guns is even easier: mark all the unnecessary guns as Junk, and then you can sell them all in one move. Besides that, now the Vending Machine has a “Sell All Junk” button. It will function, though, if you have marked at least one gun as junk.

It’s a really saving innovation because operation time matters here. 

Be Ready For In-Game Advancement!

It’s not a definitive list of tricks available in Borderlands 3. But we hope you find some of these useful, and so advance in the game even more. Rich games like this are always full of surprises and unnoticed chances, and Borderlands 3 is still poorly explored, so there will be more tricks for you to accelerate the pace and play easier and faster.

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