iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 Beta Versions: How to Install

It’s two months until Apple shows us new iPhones (and some more things) and presents the new iOS 14 (and iPadOS 14 as well). But its public beta version is already available for everyone, not only for certified developers. So if you’re in an adventurous state of mind and ready to explore the new features of it, you can install it right now.

The new iOS delivers the long-awaited big widgets all over the home screen, the new Memoji, revamped Group Messages, and – finally – Picture-in-picture mode. There is also an App library that systemizes your apps. Camera enhancements will be noticeable even to those with older devices, like iPhone XR and XS. So the new iOS is definitely something to be curious about.

Devices Supported

It’s not that Apple forces us to buy new phones and tablets to enjoy the new iOS. The compatibility list, in fact, is similar to that of the 13 version. The new iOS is compatible with iPhone SE or iPhone 6 and every model released later, and also with iPod Touch Gen 7. iPadOS 14 can be installed on iPad (5 Gen), iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 2 (and later generations of these), and literally any iPad Pro.

iOS 14 beta version on iPhone

It’s not granted, though, that it will work smoothly on any of them. The older the hardware, the less it’s capable of handling new software features. It concerns everything, from camera modes that require extra sensors to general performance and battery life. Anyway, don’t forget to back up your iPhone or iPad before starting.

How to Install iOS 14 Beta

Run Safari on your iPhone and visit the site where you can download the official beta. On the top of the page, select “Enroll Your Devices”, select “iOS” at the left. If you haven’t made the backup of your phone contents, this is your last chance.

Then scroll down until you see the “Download Profile” button, and tap it. Allow the system to download a configuration profile from this site when prompted. After that, you can run Settings and install the iOS 14 Beta as you do with your usual iOS 13 updates.

We must warn you that some issues have been noticed in this beta version. For example, the phone app may crash, and some less important ones too. Hope this bug will be fixed ASAP.

How to Install iPadOS 14 Beta

It’s the second iteration of this branch of iOS designed specifically for iPads, and this year it should bring even more features that will push the experience towards that on a MacBook. It will also support widgets, with even more space to place them comfortably. Apple Pencil now is capable of handwriting recognition. Probably there will be better support for third-party external input devices.

iPad OS 14 Beta version on iPad

To install iPadOS 14 Beta, run Safari on your iPad and go to the same download page as we recommend for iOS 14 Beta. This time, though, you need to go to “Enroll My Devices” and then select “iPadOS”. The rest of the process is absolutely the same.

So far, there haven’t been any serious issues reported of iPadOS 14. But don’t forget to back up your data before installing this beta.

Firsthand Experience

There’s nothing as useful as personal recommendations. Have you tried this beta already? Or any previous beta versions? Do you like the new features introduced here? Did it slow down your iPhone or iPad? Is voice communication, FaceTime, or camera better or worse with it? Share your experience in comments, and you’ll help other Apple users!

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