Top Chrome Hacks

We use the Chrome browser so often that it looks like we know everything about it. However, Chrome still can surprise us. Chrome offers numerous visible extensions that we all know and love. There are also hidden treasures you may not know about. We decided to share some tips with you.

Improve Your Searching

You can actually add more search engines if you are not happy with the current one. Chrome for Android mobile is similar to other browsers. It offers you to decide which search engine you want, in case you have something specific on your mind.

This option is strangely hidden, and not everyone knows about it. However, it will appear while you are searching for something on any website. It includes shopping websites, various search engines, and so on:

  1. To change the engine, go to the random website and start searching;

  2. Now open settings in Chrome and find there “Search Engine”. It will be in the Menu;

  3. You may see Google search, for instance. Tap this category and change it if you want.

Open Multiple Pages

Who told you that you have to open your browser using a homepage only? Chrome offers you to open numerous pages as it just starts up. It provides immediate access for different sites and the services you usually start your browsing. Use the Start-Up:

  1. Open your Settings;

  2. Scroll down until you see Help section;

  3. Pick the “Open a specific page or set of pages”.

The Secret Mode

How to open an Incognito window in Chrome

If you want to stay private while browsing, just enable the mode Incognito. Chrome will not be saving your history of browsing and your searching may be more secured if you need it. How to do it:

  1. Press the Ctrl+Shift+N on your computer or open the settings manually;

  2. Click the “new incognito Window”;

  3. Select the “open link in incognito window”.

Use the Task Manager

Usually, Task Manager can show you the CPU and memory usage by the tab you open in Google Chrome. Multiple opened tabs can cause you problems with the device, and slow down your speed. If this is what happened with you, you have to open the task manager on your Chrome, and find out the reason for the problem or shut down everything manually. All you have to do is:

  1. Tap on the title bar;

  2. Select “Task Manager” there;

  3. If you are using desktop, press Shift+Escape, to open the service.


Stop doing the same thing again and again, feeling trapped in a groundhog day. If you don’t like to type your address and phone, name or other personal details, feeling the registration pages, you may use the AutoFill option from Chrome. It collects the information about you and automatically fills out your forms for you. How to do this:

  1. Open Settings and find Options there;

  2. Go to Personal Stuff and choose “AutoFill options”;

  3. Enter details you want to be auto-filled in the “Add Address” section.

  4. You can easily change the information whenever you need it. Just go back to the Settings and follow all the steps we have mentioned above. Check out your information and edit it аs something is incorrect.

Cloud Print from Google

You can connect your Google cloud printer and printer account together. Nothing will be impossible for you. Print any documents you want, photos, and so on, from anywhere you are. You may use your mobile phone to start printing. All you need is an Internet connection. You don’t even have to install heavyweight software on any device. Brief instruction:

  1. Open your Settings and find the category that is called Under the Hood Options;

  2.  Press it. Now you may use the “Google Cloud Print”.


Use these small icons instead of the gigantic URL text. Just imagine how much space would be saved in your Chrome browser. It is easier for many of us to remember the icon of the website than to search for the name. Favicons are easy to remember and find. You will be immediately redirected to your favorite website by tapping its favicon. How to do this:

  1. Click the icon with a wrench;

  2. Select “Tools” from there;

  3. Put a tick on the “Always show bookmarks bar”.

  4. After that, you may use favicon bookmarks. You may add new sites there as usual. Just make sure you delete the tats in the box with the name, so only favicons could be seen.

Take Notifications Under Control

Even if you willingly agreed to receive notifications from certain websites, it does not mean that you can’t change your mind or that they own your soul forever. If you are tired from receiving pointless notifications from websites you do not need and do not use anymore, you can always opt-out. Sometimes it is not that obvious from Google Chrome users. Follow these instructions:

  1. Press the Menu icon at the right upper corner of Chrome;

  2. Pick Settings there;

  3. Choose Notifications menu;

  4. Turn off all the notifications or just those you don’t want to receive anymore.

You will see the list of notifications that you receive. We suggest you toggle those that you don’t even know. You can do it even with notifications from Chrome on media controls or downloads, for example. And don’t worry, you may always go back there and fix the situation if you see notifications from new sites appear on your screen again.

Hidden Secrets

Google is famous for its beta projects. It creates the app or extension in the beta version and tests it for several years. Gmail spent 5 years in beta. Only after positive reviews Gmail was finally fully released. Google Reader was not so lucky, and the company shut it down before the release. And if you are wondering what Google does nowadays, and keeps it in secret, you can type: “chrome://flags/” in the Chrome entry area for URL, and check out the list of tech hacks, extensions, and tweaks.

Useful Settings

Which Google Chrome trick is your favorite? If you are an experienced Chrome user, you may definitely check at least one trick from our list. If not, you can always use it as guidance. We suggest you switch off all the bothering notifications in the first place, but you can do anything you like. Don’t forget to describe your experience with the Chrome browser. We are also interested in your comments on Chrome in general. Do you like the browser? How long do you use it?

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