We’ll Teach You How To Drift In NFS: Heat

Are you new to the NFS series? In this guide, we have gathered all possible tips that will help you drift in Need For Speed: Heat for a long time, and collect the maximum number of points.

Need for Speed: Heat is a new game in the famous racing series. The series returned to the atmosphere of day and night Miami, where everything revolves around street racing. And despite the familiar surroundings, some driving mechanics have been changed. Therefore, this guide is here to help you.

How To Drift In Need for Speed: ​​Heat

Drifting allows you to pass the corners without losing too much speed. As always, it takes a little time to get used to, but it's fun to use as soon as you learn to get into the rhythm. There are actually several different ways to drift, but one we're going to present is much better and more popular than the rest.

First of all, you have to press the square if you are on the PS4 (X, if you are on the Xbox One) to use the hand brake, which will allow you to enter the car into a controlled skid slightly. Then, in cars that are more designed to drift and have more sensitive brakes, you can start to drift just by holding the brake (L2 / LT).

However, the best way to drift in Need for Speed: Heat is to pump the accelerator when turning. While moving in the direction of rotation, release the R2 button if you are on the PS4 (RT on the Xbox One) and then press it again while turning.

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After a while, your car starts to drift, and you can control it with your left thumb. It takes several attempts to get used to, and you will have to avoid trying to control the speed by switching between the brake and the accelerator, but this will help you turn in corners at speed as soon as you master it.

It may sound like a strange way to drift, but in fact, you feel quite natural when you learn to use it correctly.

Best Drifting Cars

SRT Viper GTS '14

  • Power: 4.2 Effective power (hp): 1,239

  • Max. speed: 3.5 0-60 mph (s): 3.30

  • Acceleration: 5.1 Max. torque (ft-lb): 600

  • Nitro: 2.0, Max. speed (mph): 206

If sliding bends are important to you, then this car should be your choice. High power and acceleration combined with a more malleable control make it perfect for drifting. Make it easy for you to drive around, throwing the rear in sharp bends with the SRT Viper car.

Ford F-150 Raptor

  • Power: 2.7 Effective power (hp): 913;

  • Max. speed: 1.5 0-60 mph (sec.): 5.77;

  • Acceleration: 1.6 Max. torque (ft-lb): 510;

  • Nitro: 2.0, Max. speed (mph): 144.

This monster is deceptive at first glance, but surprisingly it enters the slide smoothly, overcoming the terrain. What he lacks in acceleration is compensated by incredible strength, and thanks to the initially well-tuned traction, you can move with balanced drifting without flying out of the track.

Still, Have any Questions?

This is all you need to know about how to drift in Need for Speed ​​Heat. We hope that our guide will be useful to you! If you know any other methods to drift in the NFS: Heat game, please feel free to share your thoughts with other readers and us. And, of course, we're here to answer any of your questions. Leave your comment in the section below, and we will manage an answer as soon as it is possible.

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