Will Your Phone Work With Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth can be played on mobile devices for free. It is coming both to Androids and iOS. You will explore your world, collect blocks and various useful items, apply build plates to create super constructions in life-size AR and more. I persuade you, that you will get unique experience already this summer when closed beta becomes available. Just imagine with the help of a camera of your smartphone you’ll become involved in augmented reality adventures subject to the powerful device being able to run ARCore. Ensure that your smartphone runs Android version 7 or above, and iOS version 10 or above. There are some other moments which should correspond to this game. You certainly know that is worth it, especially if you are a fan of this game. Below I suggest you brief guides allowing you to check whether your device is compatible with Minecraft Earth.

But before to start with technical details I would like to remind you that like with any other beta versions you will face restrictions. First of all, the number of participants will be limited. Calm down, with due time we’ll be able to join hundreds of thousands of other players. But now and then you are to be over 18 to play.

How to Check Your Phone?

How to Check Your Phone screen
First, you should update your device of any brand to the latest version of your operating system. Ok. Now you can go ahead with further checking.

If you have Apple mobile device with iOS, you will definitely know where your “Settings app” are located in the menu. Enter this category and find “General”. Tap this point and you will see the next list for selection with the option “About” in it – select it. Here you will get the information about your operating system. Ensure that it is 10 or higher.

If you are going to use Android, you should find the same data in your device. The point is that the layout of different models of Samsung smartphones differ and I hardly can provide you with a single path. This freedom of customization is a pleasant thing but can be confused in such a moment when you try to introduce a uniform system. Anyway go to your menu and find the "About" section which still exists in most Samsung smartphones. In the picture, it is clear how you can do it, just follow the example or find your way around in accordance with the peculiarities of your device.

how to check android version

Just enter “Settings app”, chose “About phone”. Make sure that the version is equal to 7 or higher and your ARCore is up to date. You can do it checking the link in the Google Play Store. Well, now you know whether your operating system is ok for playing this stunning game. What should be done when it does not suit your needs? Unfortunately, if everything is correct and all the latest updates are already on your device and still it doesn't meet requirements, you cannot use it for Minecraft Earth. The solution is to find a different device. And I can recommend some of them.

If you are looking for one of the best with iOS, consider iPhone XR. Here you can count on the best value for money in regards to being a reliable Minecraft Earth companion. It is more affordable compared to the XS, but includes similar augmented reality goodness. Yes, its screen is not as nice as XS, but it delivers the needed options at a much lower price.

If you prefer Android, take a look at OnePlus 7 Pro and play Minecraft Earth spending less money. This model offers premium flagship options remaining affordable including fast screen, incredible selfie camera solution, splendid specs, and all what you need to play Minecraft Earth.

And if you want to find something really cheap but compatible with this game turn your attention to Google Pixel 3a. Save and enjoy this "budget" Android device packed with all that could be required for proper gaming.

More About the Game

I have tried to give the most important information as to mobile devices compatible with Minecraft Earth. Why should we spend so much time and efforts to play some game? Because it is really cool. You will get incredible solid experience and a comprehensive idea of the game ambitious for Microsoft. The company applied new technologies developing it providing us with unique tools and capabilities. It will break computing standards and beliefs which we have been filled in since we got access to a computer. Refuse to be alone creating a single experience with your only device. Now you will be connected with the whole world. Just think of it! You are making something within Minecraft using your mobile device and being at any location and share the result with all people involved. This is a virtual world where sharing unites every user of the Minecraft Earth. Just think of it!

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